No Insurance for you!

It has become increasingly clear that nobody understands how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) works, except that it absolutely does not make one single thing more affordable. There is another fun fact that no one seems to be talking about: right now, if you don’t already have it, you cannot go buy health insurance. Continue reading No Insurance for you!

Backyard Garden: Get it started

Gardening is something I never thought I’d get excited about. Ever. Once I took a few steps on the long journey of how and why to be proud of myself for my own reasons, I recognized the potential personal value of growing a living thing from seed to fruit.

Although the sentiment is all well and good, what is a guy to do when he is renting and can’t tear up part of the yard on a whim? There are plenty of ways to grow potted vegetables, small planters, et cetera, but not really anything that will end with a “harvest”.

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Exploring Mount San Jacinto

This was an awesome trip with some awesome people. Our 3 day trip took place on the weekend that San Diego was on fire (May 16-18, 2014), so we were a little concerned about what would happen once we were out of contact for a couple days, but they took care of business and so did we.

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Dear Idiot (in Azeroth),

Mark, your recent online cry for help has no doubt inspired World of Warcraft players around the world to offer their sage advice and wisdom about the game we all love so much. I’m sure you’ve received helpful pointers like “OMG barrens trade chatt at 2am!” and “press alt+f4!” and undoubtedly, something about this guy:

But perhaps just one more of the 10 million WoW players could share a few tips and a little insight into the World. of Warcraft.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Colin. This website is slowly becoming a filled in frame for a mind map. My mind. I’m trying to chronicle all the lessons I’ve learned so far from the experiences that are still shaping my thought processes and perceptions about the world we all share.


What is weird?